Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sheep Shoes and Shower Gifts

Are these cool or what? I'm a Birkenstock girl. I love my Birks! They're great for wearing knit socks. When I saw these I wanted them in the worst way. What fiber fanatic wouldn't? But think about it. How often would I wear a pair of red shoes with a cartoon sheep on them, whose right doesn't match its left? The style, Boston, isn't one of my favorites. I prefer open toes, sandals. I already have too many Birks. Other than Stitches East and MD Sheep and Wool Festival, where would I wear them? I needed rationalization. Well, I could wear them yarn shopping, but I do most of that online these days. I could wear them to sock machine meet ups, but how often do those occur. Then it got near Christmas and I found them new on eBay for "Best Offer." I was a goner. A Christmas present from me to me. That always works as a rationalizer. It would be like buying myself an ugly tie.

They still look new because they are. I haven't worn them yet, although I even have a red shoulder bag to complete the look and have attended two knitting events.
I didn't think to wear them! Oh well, any day now.

My baby shower knitting has been nonexistent for days now. I'm not sure I'm crazy about the Bernat Cottontots. Although I've been careful with it, working with a lap protector, the beginning is starting to look worn, which makes me wonder how it will wash and hold up for a baby. I now wish I had ordered Sugar 'n Creme weeks ago. I knew I wasn't satisfied and a week ago I did the next best thing, ordered a great gift from the baby register. Now any knitted thing I give, whether meeting my high standards or not, will just be icing on the baby shower cake.

Last night I was looking for a recent Knit Picks catalog to see what yarn they might have suitable for baby things. I couldn't find the latest (because it was right next to me! forest/trees syndrome) and the old ones I looked through left me clueless. Today I received the new Knit Picks catalog and guess what is featured. Yep, you guessed it, BABY THINGS!!! Is that a sign or what? This catalog was written for me! The two biggest spreads are on baby things and socks. Can you believe it?!!!

I will complete the kimono in Bernat Cottontots and make my final determination on the yarn then. My decluttering instructions do not allow me to bring anything else in the house until something leaves so Peaches & Creme can not come here . . . yet. I have four pairs of knitted socks almost out the door.

Bona Fide Knitter


Dawn said...

Cool shoes! I can see the problems associated with figuring out where to wear them, but I think you definately needed them.

I'm going to let you research the baby yarn and then when you find the perfect balance between cost, wearablilty, feel and look, I'm going to get some.Baby sweaters are just about the perfect item to knit in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pair of shoes I've ever seen! I hope you wear them soon! Karen

Rod said...

You need this sweater to go with your spiffy new shoes!

Bona Fide Knitter said...

You're right, Rod. Thanks! That sweater is perfect. I placed an order immediately. It's on its way.

Petria said...

That was actually me. Rod used my computer to check his mail et voila! He becomes a fashion enabler without even knowing about it! LOL

Foxy said...

Those shoes are so cute