Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Knit Goes On

Love Bite # 4 - When love is losing, leave the game.

I've been continuing to mark time by working on the Abundance Afghan. I haven't cast on for Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater yet. I tell you that cable cast on of a zillion stitches makes my throat itch! I remember on my last start I went ahead and used the long tail cast on. I have to admit I wasn't as pleased with it. That might be another reason why I was careless enough to switch methods in mid sweater back. The cable cast on does give the sweater it a nice edge, just like Sally says.

Anyway, I happened to be in Michael's today and found in their meager offerings some Bernat Cottontots. I'm going to cast on for a Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono. After all I did just finish a baby sweater. I'm allowed to cast on for another baby or doll item according to my work rules modifications. And you can't argue because they are my modifications.

Speaking of Michael's, rumor has it that both Michael's and AC Moore are cutting way back on their knitting department. It seems knitting interest has waned and they can't even give away all that gaudy eye-lashy stuff they stock. I think, and this my humble opinion based on no real knowledge and given because I can, the scarf craze has died and taken some of the new knitters with it. Other new knitters have gone on to become yarn snobs and are alive and doing very well in their local yarn shops (LYS). Some newbies, like the rest of us, are doing what we've always done, be it high-end handpaints, Lion Brand's Woolease or some hybrid combination of all that's available. The knit goes on.

And Speaking of Lion Brand, does anybody know why they were not at Stitches East?

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