Sunday, January 8, 2012

Need My Knitting Mojo Back

For months I've been putting knitting catalogs in the recycling container without even opening them. Last week I opened one. I started thinking maybe a new project would bring my mojo back. I almost convinced myself buying something new rather than starting one of the new-still-in-their-packaging projects I have would really get me back to knitting. The culprit catalog is KnitPicks newest, Winter 2012. There's a garter stitch afghan, Viola Afghan Kit, that keeps calling my name.

My knitting guru (You remember who you are, right?) was on a garter stitch afghan knitting spree at one time. In fact she continues to do them in one form or another: log cabin, mitered entrelac, etc. I'm lumping them all together as garter stitch because they're all knit, knit, knit the whole afghan. I was tempted to jump on board then, but I know me, I would never finish it. My guru knitted them all of a piece and ones in squares that needed to be fashioned together. But I know me. Even if I finished all the squares, would I ever sew/knit/crochet them together? I hate projects that need further real work after the knitting is done. That's why I love knitting socks. When they're done, they're done. One day I'll take some pictures of a crocheted granny square coverlet I started when we were negotiating to buy this house . . . 43 years ago. Most of the squares are done, some are even sewn together. However, it's not finished . . . yet.

I have an afghan pattern given to me by my prolific guru a few years ago, Fiber Trends' Home Is Where the Heart Is. I bought the bulky red yarn to make it. In fact I made one false start at it which I prefer to call a gauge swatch. It could be a perfect entree back into knitting since we are coming up on Valentine's Day. (Afghan pattern has hearts, yarn is red, get it?) And it's knit in one piece. But something new into the house might be the answer . . . or not. Oh, I'm such a mess!

But the KnitPicks Viola afghan is 206 squares that have to be put together! And it even needs a backing!! Maybe I'll just finish *Beach Socks 2011.

Bona Fide Knitter

*Beach Socks, for those of you who wonder, are socks I knit while lounging on the beach. They usually have some cotton content and after a ribbed cuff they are plain stockinette stitch, simple enough to knit in my sleep. Beach Socks are usually summer socks, but not for wearing on the beach.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I'm making 2012 my comeback year. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and just life in general took me out of commission in 2011. I've not been knitting. My sock machines, looms and dolls remain neglected. But 2012 is going to be MY YEAR!

This was started as a knitting blog not a nit-picking blog so I will not bore you with the details of my trials and tribulations. However, I will give you a rundown on the months since my last blog entry. Could it really have been as long ago as last April?!!! I was in the throes of a cupcake baking frenzy. I eventually gained all the pounds that were sure to follow from being my own cupcake tester/taster/sampler.

After cupcakes, I abstained from fattening hobbies, but I did not go back to knitting. I found that my knitting was suffering from my inner turmoil. The knit project that I still love still lies mouldering in its project bag. That would be Volt. Remember it? Since there are no resolutions for 2012, (I stopped making resolutions years ago.) I can only promise I will finish it. I'm at i-cording the edges for goodness sake!

Someone turned me onto the Dukan Diet and as much as I am against any diet that excludes food groups, (I'm a Weight Watchers woman.) my cupcake-induced bloated belly made me willing to try anything. It works!!! I lost the bloat. My stomach deflated in a week and I lost almost 20 pounds in a few weeks more.

Over the summer and autumn I spent many weeks on Cape Cod. In fact I was there for the hurricane that never quite made it there even though we evacuated from the forest to what turned out to be what I believe was a hot bed motel. We had a few drops of rain, lots of wind and some power outages.

In October, while I was on the Cape for autumn, my contractor was here in my house knocking out walls and turning my kitchen, dining room, living room into a great room. Since my house is small I call it my "mini great room." That's a perfectly accurate oxymoron for the space.

I spent the rest of the year trying to make order out of the chaos my contractor left after working around and through all my homeless cake pans, ice cream making equipment, dishes, glasses, napery, cookbooks, collectibles, memories, mementos, hobby supplies and equipment and other accumulations. Whew! He performed a miracle and it has been up to me to clean, organize and stage it.
Collectibles and Cookbooks
Mementos and Memories

My knitting account above was not quite accurate. I did knit. I started Beach Socks 2011. I didn't get far, but what is summer without a pair of socks knitted on the beach while listening to an Audible book. Okay, so I didn't ever sit or knit on the beach. I did walk on it a couple of times. I started the socks on the porch though and they won't be the first year's beach socks to get finished back home during the winter.

More knitting content to become the norm this year. I promise.

Bona Fide Knitter