Monday, February 16, 2009

Relinquishing the Crown

Yes, that's me. And I have the boxes and bags full to prove it. However, I have been working on UFOs diligently. You might recall I'm working on reducing my UFOs and my yarn/project stash, working one oldest, one newest. The object is to meet somewhere in the middle and have all my yarn, kits and projects knitted up.

So February is more than half over and I have finished knitting the Tofuties Tee. I have the binding off, sewing together and blocking yet to do. In the meantime I've been trying to decide which of my UFOs to pick up. Dare I go back to that bane of my existence, Sally Melville's Favorite Summer sweater, yet again? I've decided not. I'll wait until I lose 10 pounds. No sense in working on something that no longer fits. My other choices are a side to side jacket or an Absolutely Fabulous (AbFab) Afghan. The jury is still out. Neither one of those is calling to me.

In the meantime I have not had any new socks on needles in over a month. No wonder I'm feeling out of kilter. So Saturday, out of sequence, I cast on a pair of plain vanilla socks. These are truly plain vanilla--a white pair of my basic sock pattern. You can't get any plainer than that. To add some interest I'm doing them two socks at once on one circular, a process that I don't particularly care for because of the yarn tangle that develops every time I try. I have no Second Sock Syndrome issues. I enjoy starting the second sock and watching the miracle happen all over again. However, since the yarn is a 100 gram skein of Regia I thought I'd try the pulling the yarn from the center and the outside method and see how that goes.

Except for the fact that I could only find one very stiff-cabled Addi needle size US1, 40 inches long so I'm working with a 32 inch, so far so good. Have you seen my KnitPicks US1, 40 inch needle? Or how about the other Addis I have in that size? There must be at least two around here somewhere. I bought them when Magic Loop was introduced and they have soft pliable cables . . . wherever they are. I'd order another from KnitPicks except that I've sworn off shopping for the month and I'd have to order enough to earn free shipping.

Oh well.

Bona Fide Knitter