Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Twenty Ten!

The first month of 2010 is half over and I am dutifully doing what I set out to do this year, move into my newly constructed "studio" and bring some order to my hobbies. So many hobbies, so little space. Actually I have space but just too many hobbies that require a lot of stuff. Right now I'm dealing with the "fiber arts" as I call my hand knitting, antique sock machine knitting and stash. Then there is my newest thing--weaving. Christmas 2008 I got a seven foot triangle loom and matching tripod stand. I knew I was in deep doggie doo when I had no space big enough for setup. And then there are the four sock machines and the sock yarn stash that had overtaken the space needed to use the sock machines.

This past summer I had the garage converted to a room I can devote to the fiber arts. It will also house my play doll collection. That is the play doll wall pictured above. I've gathered up yarn stash from all its hiding places and now to organize and store it in an orderly manner that is also pleasing to the eye. That has not been accomplished yet so no pictures will appear at this time. There is prior-to-organization chaos of which I do not want photographic evidence. Get the picture?

I am about to relinquish my title as the "Queen of Unfinished Projects." Please don't jump to the wrong conclusion. I don't intend to finish them all. I am going to take an idea from a podcast I heard and unravel them. Yes, unravel them! I'm sure you all have a UFO (or two or more) that you know you will never finish for one reason or another. Face it. Bite the bullet. Ravel, rest it and start over or ravel and re purpose that yarn! Thank you Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls podcast for causing that idea to finally sink in.

Speaking of podcasts, I grew weary of a few that I liked in the beginning and have narrowed my favorites to Cast On (Brenda Dayne), KnitPicks (Kelley Petkin), The Knitmore Girls (mother and daughter GiGi and Jasmin) and Sticks and String (David Reidy). I tried a new one this week, Savvy Girls (two sisters). So far, not bad. I'll listen to a few more episodes before passing judgement on that one. I also have three non-knitting related podcasts that I follow faithfully: The Splendid Table, Grammar Girl and This American Life.

So here we are, a year and a month later, and I have woven my first triangle shawl on the tri-loom. No pictures yet. I have the fringe to finish before I take it off the loom. In the meantime, watch this You Tube video that I turn to when I need calming.

Bona Fide Knitter