Saturday, February 3, 2007

Saturday with People from MARS

Love Bite #3 - Find something that you really love and lose yourself in it.

Today I was off to Virginia at the crack of dawn to meet with people from MARS. No kidding! There are really people from MARS. I'm one of them. MARS is the MidAtlantic Region Sockknitters. The MARSians are not to be confused with those knitting socks by hand, although some of us do. The MARSians knit with circular sock machines. There are many groups who meet from time to time all over the US, the UK and other places. Antique Circular Sock Machines are one of the things I've found and lost myself in . . . from time to time.

The antique machines have quite a history and have made a great comeback in recent years. You can learn much about the history in The Hand-Cranked Knitter and Sock Machine, an eBook by Richard M. Candee. There is a Circular Sock Machine Association of America and many sources for more information and buying machines. There is even a newly manufactured machine on the market as of 2006!

Anyway, a group of us gathered today and had, lessons, lasagna and loads of fun. Oh, and there was sock yarn for sale. We met at Shirley's and shopped her vast inventory of sock yarn. I was in Opal/Regia heaven.

Carolee, Stephanie, Shirley (host, not shopping) and Catherine shopping. And this wasn't even the tip of the sock yarn iceberg!

The Doctor is In - Barry makes another machine hum.

Can he get mine back in sync? You betcha!

And Barb's too.

Gregory shopped until she dropped and decided to tally up.

All tallied up, Gregory has time to help Carolee with a sock from her Harmony machine bought back in the 80s.

Sharon shows Gail how to latch up a dropped stitch.

Gail shows off her beautiful hand knit vest.

Last picture, I promise: One of Shirley's three cats, The Baby, says goodbye.

A good time was had by all. The Baby had a better time after we all left.

Bona Fide Knitter

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Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your Love Bites and look for them everyday. What fun to see your sock machine! Thank you, Karen