Thursday, February 8, 2007

Knitted Babes

Love Bite #8 - Unconditional love? It depends on the conditions.

I couldn't hold out any longer. I succumbed. I bought the book.

Well, it was brand new and at a price, including postage, I couldn't refuse. I've perused all of it and read quite a bit too. These girls combine at least three of my hobbies: knitting, sewing and dolls. I love these hip chicks! These babes have street creds. It says so right in the book. Ya gotta love 'em! Now whether I ever get around to making any of them is a different story. I'm reading the blog, starting at the beginning, for inspiration. I see a Knitted Babe somewhere in my future, maybe this summer. They are quite portable and could be my socks alternative.

I watched the Oprah decluttering program yesterday and it was not a rehash of the doggie doodie lady. It was all new and hit very close to home. Normal people, no dirt, no filth, just too much stuff which has taken over their lives and sucked out the life. I can relate. So today I will continue the Decluttering Job of the Century with new determination and new resolve. One room at a time is the way. I took notes. I will try new methods. I might even by the book, It's All Too Much, by Peter Walsh, the guy from TLC's hit show Clean Sweep.

On another knitting note, I am working on a Valentine surprise. No, it does not throw me off my modified Rule of Three. You'll find out what, why and how on Valentine's Day.

Bona Fide Knitter

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