Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1,800 Stitches Cast On

April Fool!

Well, not exactly. The supersock shawl really does call for 1,800 stitches to be cast on and I do have 1,200 of the 1,800 required stitches on the needles. I would have them all cast on by now, but I paced myself waiting for my KnitPicks order to arrive. I'm casting on using Denise needles and cable. I decided that I need turbo speed needles if I plan to complete the shawl within my productive years and I that need a thin, pliable cable of the first order. Enter KnitPicks once again.

Although I have both sets of Options (Harmony and Nickel Plated), the additional sizes and duplicates of some, I decided that along with a 60" cable, I need another pair of size US 5 nickel plated needles to hold this shawl of many stitches. Who knows when the former Queen of Unfinished Projects will be able to free up this set. I might need US 5s many more times before the shawl becomes a FO (Finished Object). If my timing is right, I will have all the stitches cast on just in time to knit them off the Denise and onto the KnitPicks for the first round.

Another thing about this blog entry that makes it suitable for an April Fool prank is the very fact that I'm blogging twice within a week/seven days. Can you believe it? I guess there should be a picture in here someplace, but I'm coming to you from my laptop where my pictures aren't.

And now back to reality.

Bona Fide Knitter