Thursday, March 15, 2007

What to Do Next?

I'm not quite sure what I want to do next. The yarn for Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono is a disappointment and I've been forcing myself to complete it. Needless to say I put it down after every few rows and pick up the sanity-saving Abundance Afghan. I thought the solution to my problem with the HCB Kimono would be to buy a different yarn, Peaches & Creme. I'm no longer sure of that. I don't want to finish it in Cottontot and I don't want it to become another UFO. To the frog pond?

However, the Abundance Afghan is thriving as a result. I just love the big loopy garter stitch of it! The garter stitch is my friend.

I could order the Peaches & Creme if I want to. The barrier of not bringing anything else in until something leaves is gone. I delivered the four pairs of socks to Richard yesterday. As you can see he loves them . . .

. . . and me as well.

I also mailed a gift of socks today. Sooooo, I'm free to buy more yarn, at least five skeins or 500 grams or whatever I can rationalize.

Speaking of socks, I'm really on a sock machine kick right now. I've gotten the Legare humming and sock production should soar in the next few weeks. I might even try the Auto Knitter again next week, after we've both had a rest from each other. The Legare uses the same needles and in my tweaking to get it to run smoothly I discovered I was working with some less than perfect ones. That could be why I was getting some odd results on the Auto Knitter. I should not stay away from the machines for weeks, months at a time. By the time I go back to them I have forgotten their idiosyncrasies.

As for the hand knitting, more thought is required. The good news is I will soon have a soft and light afghan in the beautiful sea, sand and sky colors of Cape Cod.

Bona Fide Knitter

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