Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's cold and icy here after a day of sleet. We'll just stay warm, dry and cozy on the rumpled bed in our St. Paddy bandannas.

Icecream and Snowball (Ice and Snow), my weather appropriately named furkids, have the right idea. I will stay warm, dry and cozy in my favorite chair and knit the day away while watching DVDs or cooking shows on TV. Too much ice outside to be out and about.

I think this would be a good day to cast on Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater. That is my goal. I also plan to turn out some machine socks. So here's the master plan as it applies to my modified Rule of Three and UFOs: (1) HCB Kimono is on hold while I cast on another baby sweater with the same yarn. If that one works with the yarn, HCB Kimono will be frogged to finish the new sweater (2) Sally's Sweater (3) Abundance Afghan. Of course socks on the needles and machines will be worked in there too. I am in garter stitch heaven. I hope I don't forget how to purl.

Bona Fide Garter Knitter

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