Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Weekend

The weekend begins. My order from Knit Picks arrived yesterday and I could have kissed the mailman. So I have a new set of US 6 needles and I could start the SFS Sweater once again, this time on larger needles and at a larger size. However, I also got a ball of Cotlin that I want to swatch on those US 6 needles, for another SFS Sweater perhaps. Yes, that's how I am. Contemplate knitting another of a sweater that I can't get the first one knit in three years time. Anyway, in the meantime, while trolling blogs, I found a dishcloth pattern I just had to make. You'll see why when it's finished. And it is on the new US 6 needles at the moment! I thought I could whip through it, then do the swatch, then cast on for the sweater in Linet. I didn't figure in my luke warm attempt to de-clutter for a few hours yesterday (I got rid of tons of old bills. How long do you keep old, paid utility bills anyway?!!!) or the loads of wash I finally got around to washing, folding and almost putting away. I also didn't figure on having to cook two meals. Me? Cook? When I have knitting to be done? Is he kidding? I did it. I must be getting soft.

So today I will knit and sustain myself on Chinese take out. I don't work on weekends. No de-cluttering, not even a luke warm attempt. Not even a half-hearted swipe with a duster at the Spring spider webs linking the picture frames together on the shelf and window sill. You can only see them for a short period when the sun shines in the window at a certain angle anyway. Furthermore, the spiders put more up right away. I don't know why they want those pictures linked together. Maybe because they are family pictures? Family/relatives/related/linked together. Get it?

The weekend is mine.

Bona Fide Knitter

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Laura said...

Good, now it's your turn to weave your web of stitches. The yellow dishcloth is darling, I can't wait what the next one will turn out to be...