Monday, March 19, 2007

Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater

Okay, it's on the needles. Two rows knit. Aaack! The cable cast on almost made me give up. I had more than half the stitches on when it occurred to me that my Knit Pick needles with their sharper points could possibly make the job easier. : : : palm slap to forehead : : :

I'm using a Berroco yarn called Linet. It has the look of a micro I-cord.

I'd pulled two sets of old aluminum straight needles for the job. For the sweater US 5 and 10-1/2 are needed. The blunt points and the slightly used (frogged twice) yarn were a trial. The pointy, slick Knit Pick needles are a dream to work with. I might get this UFO finished before summer . . . 2008.

I used end caps on circular cables to make semi straight needles. The opaque fabric calls for knitting using one of each size needle. I think the slick, pointy Knit Pick needles will make knitting into the size five with the size 10-1/2 much easier than it was with aluminum or wooden or plastic or even Denise needles. Yes, I tried them all. I'm a faster knitter with circulars than with straights. I think it has something to do with holding (or letting go of) the right hand needle. I'm hoping the metal tips and lightweight cables of my 'homemade' straights will have me moving right along.

Since I'm still in machine sock mode, the SFS Sweater will take the place of the Abundance Afghan which has grown too big to take with. The fledgling sweater will be my knitting in public project now that the afghan is unwieldy and I'm doing so many pairs of machine socks at home. Furthermore, to keep to my UFO reduction plan I cannot knit on socks alone.

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Laura said...

The pink color is lovely. I wonder, couldn't you use the needle as a circular, putting a different size point on each side, and still knitting flat? Or is there an advantage to using the KnitPicks needles with the capped ends? (Can you tell I never use straights anymore)?

BTW I just got the KnitPicks set too, and I am about to give it its first try.