Monday, March 5, 2007

Saturday and Sunday Sockknitting Saga

For two days one pair of socks had me by the throat. I am using the 60/30 set up on the Auto Knitter and making ribbed socks. Having my machine set up the way it likes makes some suggestions in the manual and on the Norma Bogan tape/DVD null and void. I have to figure my own measurements and needle placements. Primary School math (arithmetic?) seemed to have failed me on Saturday. Multiplication Table? 8 x 8 = 64 or is it 56? I know 9 x 8 = 72--subtract eight and there's the answer. Jeeze! By Saturday night I was using a calculator. Thirty divided by four equals seven and a half? There are no half needles in sock machine knitting!!!
Set-up basket in, waste yarn started

Ribber being placed with careful attention to ribber stop

Adjustments made for "half needles," notes written in readable form, by Sunday I was on a roll. I had one sock completed and needed a mate. The mate, if made by my own directions, would be better than the first sock. Then why is it now Monday and after working on it all day that mate is not made?

Ribber in place

Ribber needles added and starting turns made

Sock yarn attached, the sock begins

Yarn goes in up top, sock comes out at bottom

I made a sock before this one with stockinette leg that was too big. That's why I decided to tackle ribbed socks on this finicky machine. I've made two mates to this one, each one having some operator flaw. One had misplaced ribs. Then there was the one on which I forgot to release the heel spring before cranking the foot. Tight, tight, too small foot! Both those socks were rewound back to the cone. Today will be my third attempt. They say the third time's a charm. My Aunt Ruby, will get these socks, blocked and labeled, on Wednesday . . . or else!

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Birdsong said...

I stumbled on your blog doing a search for STR Yosemite (I actually like the colors and am trying to find some), and was so excited to see your sock machine at work. I got one almost two years ago and need to devote more time to get confident and start cranking out those socks. Thanks for inspiration!