Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Warshrag" Wednesday

I completed my first dishcloth! When the cosmos worked against me and SFS Sweater, my Peaches & Creme order arrived and I immediately pulled out a ball of Baby Pink and started the Monthly Dishcloth KAL for early March.

There it is, not blocked, but all finished! It took only a short time to complete even though at the half way point I decided it wasn't perfect, frogged and started over. It's a picture dishcloth. Can you tell what the picture is? There are two dishcloths per month. Since I joined so late in the month, I thought I would tackle only the one that caused me to join the KAL in the first place. They are so fast to knit I will probably do the mid-March offering as well.

Back to the SFS Sweater: I gave up on finding the needles and placed a KnitPicks order right away. I only needed the size six tips, but what good is free shipping if you don't take advantage of it? So instead of the $4 for needles, I spent $45+ to get free shipping. It's very easy to fill up a cart at Knit Picks. I ordered the big needles that do not come in the set, sizes 15 and 17, and some sock yarn. I can always use sock yarn. I also ordered one skein of Cotlin to swatch and determine if it is something I might want to make a SFS Sweater from. The swatch will be a dishcloth.

Works in progress: six or more pairs of machine socks waiting to be Kitchenered, SFS Sweater waiting for needles, Abundance Afghan needing some attention (rows knitted) this week.

I'll be out and about today. I need a portable project. I'll make a "warshrag." Look out socks! You've just been replaced.

Bona Fide Knitter