Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sock Saga Over

I succumbed. I gave in to my perfectionist gene. Actually I think what I have is a touch of OCD which keeps me plugging away until I get it right--or at least two socks the same size even if they are not perfect. The fact that one sock was slightly smaller than the other due to the slight difference in tension just did not sit well with me even though it was so minute. It was like having a slightly crooked picture on the wall. I could not sit still. I could not Kitchener the toe. I had to make one more sock. I made a third sock. It's the one with the long waste yarn tube at the top. I kept cranking waste yarn trying to get all needles to catch all the time. They didn't.

However, I have two socks the same size with matching imperfections. They're a pair! Meet Ruby's socks:

1x1 ribbed cuff, 1x3 ribbed leg and instep, size S

The sock saga is over and the third sock (which was really the first sock, no actually the second sock) will be wound back to cone then balled to go into my 'little balls of leftover sock yarn' bin.

That being over, what next? I want to work on more machine socks. The Auto Knitter and I need some time apart. I'm going to set up another machine today. I have a Legare with 54/27 and 72/36 setups. I'll use the 54/27 for some plain socks using Koigu and the 72/36 for ribbed socks using Opal.

On the needles I have the Abundance Afghan and the Heartbreakingly Cute Kimono. My modified version of the rule of three allows me to go back to Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater. Although I have to start from the casting on, I am still counting it as a longtime UFO. However I think I'll get that kimono on the finished pile first. Finishing is freeing!

Bona Fide Knitter

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steel breeze said...

Love the way you got the stripes to match, too! I can never be bothered!