Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SFS Sweater Tuesday

I'm really liking this, this time. I will not try rushing it by switching to Continental. I do learn from my mistakes. I will chug along knitting English/American as usual. The great thing is the Knit Picks needles are F A S T! I tried to make that word look the part. Did I succeed? As I was saying before that senseless little aside, the Knit Picks Options needles are wonderful. I'm zipping right along with them. Their pointier points are perfect for the easily split yarn (Linet) and their silver coating makes the stitches glide.

After I knitted the stitches off that old aluminum needle and knit a few more rows, I switched the points so that I now have a circular needle with one tip a size US 5 and the other a US 10-1/2. Custom circulars. How good is that? Very good I say since my knitting guru suggested the same idea in her comments on yesterday's blog entry. Great minds . . .

One small step for a

Bona Fide Knitter

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Laura said...

How I love the sight of that pink garter stitch! BTW I need to credit supreme guru Joan Schrouder who suggested using 2 different needle sizes on one cable for knitters who have trouble with tensioning their yarn on purl rows.

You are going to look terrific in your pink Summer Sweater!