Friday, March 23, 2007

Favorite Summer Sweater Friday

The swatching's done. The frogging's over. A new beginning. I don't know how I measured when I started this sweater a few years ago because my swatch was smaller than it should be. You can see the difference since I went up a needle size.

This time for sure the four inch measurement is 22 stitches and 18 garter stitch ridges as called for. It was last night and it remains so this morning. My knitting is also better.

Today will be cast on and knit some rows. I'll use a longer cable, 32 inch instead of 24, so that I can judge how far the knitted fabric will reach around the boobage. My newest great concern is whether I will have enough yarn to finish. I remembered ordering an extra skein to allow for swatching. However, no matter how I count them I have 13, possibly 14 if I balled two together during the big frogging of 2004, not the 15 I thought I had. That leaves me a long way from the 16 I need now to go up in size. I have a call out to knitters around the world to find a few more skeins. If that doesn't work, I'm in deep doggie doo.

Those swatches will end up in the sweater and it still might have short sleeves. During a Google search I learned I missed an eBay auction for 17 skeins of a lavender color. I think if that auction was open right now I would bid to win and make the sweater in another color. I am determined to have a Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater in my future. I'm looking for Berroco Linet, color 3121, dyelot 67 or any dyelot I can find.

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