Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sock Saga Continues

Here it is the Wednesday I would normally take Aunt Ruby to her monthly medical checkup and we'd lunch at TGI Friday's. It's also the day she was to get that pair of socks. The reasons she won't are many: (1) It's snowing. (2) Ruby is 95 and does not do snow (3) I am . . . well not that old . . . but will stay home as well. Ruby would rather hear from me by phone. (4) The socks are not finished. (5) The socks are still kicking my butt. (6) I'm hating these socks! I could go on but I will spare you. The socks will be finished today, imperfect sample socks.

Here are the socks being readied for Kitchener. The second sock has the pink waste yarn.

In getting them ready for finishing I realized the changes in tension I had to make caused the second sock to not quite match the first in size. This grates upon my perfectionist gene more than anyone other than Monk could possibly know. However, I will not do it again. These are sample socks. Flaws are expected . . . aren't they? I knitted the second sock at least four more times for a total of SEVEN TIMES!!! I cannot believe how much trouble it has been--some of it my fault, most of it not.

At the end there were a lot of funky things going on. Notice the lattice work up the side.

What's up with that?!!!

Close up you can see every needle in its place and no stitches missing. That fancy lattice should have been straight like the ones to the right. It's part of the instep ribbing.

When the going got tough, unbearably tough, the Abundance Afghan grew.

Why am I spending so much time on a machine giving me hell and with a pukey color sock yarn I don't even like when I have all this lovely Koigu--a whole basket full--I could be cranking out on my Legare 54/27?!!!

You might wonder why I would give Ruby my flawed sample socks in a color I don't like. She likes to get my samples that are small enough for her. She doesn't care about flaws or colors. She thinks they're all just fine. Ya gotta love her!

Bona Fide Knitter

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Laura said...

What do you mean by "pukey"? I like the color combo on this sock yarn. It is pastel but not too much, the stripes are nicely spaced...You have the patience of a saint, I don't think I could re-knit a sock 7 times. Oh, right, I don't do socks.