Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Woman Doth Not Knit on Socks Only

My apologies to Deuteronomy. Like "Man doth not live on bread only," the Bona Fide Knitter does not knit on socks only. Well . . . maybe socks could, quite possibly, almost, if you check back the last few years, be the only knit items I've completed. Oh, wait! There were the scarves from The Knit Stitch that I finished and filed away for future frogging because I found I am too hot a mama to wear decorative scarves knit of wool or of yarn requiring a needle larger than US 1. Wool or bulky scarves as outer wear in the cold of winter, yes. Knit scarves as fashion accessories, no--unless they are lace and I haven't gotten to lace yet.

To prove my point (that I can knit more than socks, in case you forgot the point), I started a sweater on November 11, 2006. This isn't my first sweater either. I have one sweater and two jackets filed away waiting to be frogged or finished. And then there are the two afghans. But we won't talk about all the UFOs yet. Anyway, this sweater, that I prefer to call a jacket, is more than half finished. I am pushing for completion by January 11, 2007 just because I'd like to finish in record time (for me) and be able to show something I've knit without having to lift my pants legs or kick off my shoes to do so.

The pattern is Babies & Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups , by Carol A. Anderson of Cottage Creations, you know, the neat little booklets with light beige covers and pen and ink drawings of the patterns. The yarn is Noro Kuryeon colorway #159.

Each half of the sweater is knit in one piece, left side and sleeve then right side and sleeve. To finish, the two sides are joined together down the back with a Kitchener Stitch. I've had a lot of Kitchener experience finishing sock machine socks! I can do this.

Bona Fide Knitter


Laura said...

You must finish it soon and wear it this winter! the colors are so "you"! it looks like the pattern was meant for Kureyon. Perfect!

sfournie said...

Gorgeous, Marilyn! (Or, Gorgeous Marilyn!) I love the pattern...it's like the Baby Surprise Sweater design, but different. Kinda.