Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The View, the Cookies, the Calories

The Kids Crayon Sweater ensemble took a little hiatus while I went to The View television show today. Actually I started the hat. It went with me on the train to NYC, but I got no more accomplished than casting on. My friend and I gabbed too much on the way up and marveled at our loot too much on the way back.

There was a lot of standing in line and waiting, but finally we were seated and the show began. Yes, they all look as good in person as on TV, only thinner. It was interesting to see the making of the TV show. It was even more interesting to find out what we were getting for FREE (my favorite four-letter word). Walking into the studio we received a little bag of cookies and a bottle of apple juice. On every chair was a large, red tote bag suitable for using as a briefcase, laptop case or knitting project bag. One of the segments on the show was about cookies. On the way out we received some of every cookie featured! And this the day after the ban on cookies at my house! Are animal crackers cookies? We got a huge bear shaped container of 'em! To top it off we received a $50 gift card for Michael's craft store. Not a bad haul! Now what I need is a 50% off coupon and maybe I could get that Ott floor lamp I've been coveting.

While the cookies were on the floor (all individually enclosed in their wrappings) being photographed, Snowball asked if they are dog treats or human treats.

Back to knitting: The sweater is on its way to the blocking board and the hat will be finished in a few days. Can another UFO be nearing completion?

Bona Fide Knitter

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Anonymous said...

Love reading about your travels and excursions! Of course the knitting is down-right inspiring! Thanks so much, Karen