Thursday, January 4, 2007


You know of my UFOs so now you must meet my LWDs (Little White Dogs).

The first is Snowball. Look at that face! Isn't he the cutest?!!! That's why I named him Absolutest Cutest Snowball. Okay, so I had to coin a word to describe him. He's a lap dog and a cuddly caretaker. He loves everybody. He'll lick your wounds and wash your face. Never open your mouth to say 'Hi' to him with your face too close to his. He's a great French kisser. Fast too!

The second is Icecream (one word). She's the protector, but don't let her steely stare fool you. She's a pushover for a belly rub. Her full name is French Vanilla Icecream. She likes to kiss your face (if she knows you) and blitz (run as fast as lightning). Her mission in life is to get the squeak out of all squeaking plush toys. She's like a surgeon!

My furkids' breed is Bichon Frise. They were both born in 1996, Snowball in April and Icecream in December. They're related by adoption only and they've been neutered and spayed. We call them Ice and Snow and they are the rulers of the roost.

They have coats and sweaters, but no hand knits, not even a UFO. Does that make me a bad humom?

Bona Fide Knitter

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