Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Warrrshrag Wednesday

Okay, so as not to bore you silly with my washcloth/dishcloth mania I will limit such pictures and talk to Wednesdays. Here is the first of my Warrrshrag Wednesday offerings.

Like most of the ones I've knitted, this picture has meaning to me. It's a reminder of my short-lived camping days. When I retired we bought a travel trailer. We had it for a few years and really enjoyed the trips we took. We traveled on our own and belonged to a couple of RV clubs that we met with for many weekend campouts and a couple of "campventions." It was great fun while it lasted. My dream of traveling cross country never became a reality and eventually we bought a stationary summer retreat and sold the travel trailer. I still think fondly of my little travel trailer and the fun times we spent RVing.

I was deeply into quilting back then and never left home without my Featherweight sewing machine and a travel guide that listed quilt shops along the route. Now I never leave home without knitting needle sets, an antique sock machine and the Knitter's Magazine yarn shop guide.

Time marches on.

Bona Fide Knitter

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