Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knitter's, Spring 2007

The sweaters of summer are my sweaters for throughout the year. I am not a sweater person. My body takes sweaters literally. Sweaters make me sweat! And then there is my boobage. Therefore, I know my sweater limitations--cardigans, oversized pullovers, nothing fitted and certainly nothing binding. This Spring's issue of Knitter's Magazine has quite a few patterns that pique my interest.

For the most part I like mindless, boring knitting. What other knitters bemoan--garter stitch and stockinette--I can't get enough of, except every now and then I like to stretch and make something patterned, something that calls for some chart reading. Yes, every now and then I get a little crazy.

From the newest Knitter's I think I must make the cover sweater, Sensational Citrus.

I like everything about it, the colors and its asymmetrical style. I can see it in the summer with white crop pants and in the winter over a crisp white shirt and green trousers. Yes, I think I'll give that one a try. There is some tricky shaping and joining, but it is all stockinette.

Another one that caught my eye is the green lace cardigan, Loden Mist.

Lace? Did I say LACE?!!! I'm thinking that when everyone else has moved on from the lace craze that's when I'll get interested. Lace might require too much concentration for me at this time, but I certainly wish I had it in me. I really like that as a lace project for me. I hope I rmember it when the time comes.

And then there is the Shore Set, hooded top with cables. Perfect for watching the sun set at the beach. Lots of stockinette, a cable here and there. I could do this.

Speaking of cables I see myself in the long Walnut Twist cable-like vest. The color isn't for me, but that could be easily remedied.

I also like the Tie-Dyed Boxes, both of them, but not for me.

And although the little Bucket Bag is cute, none of those three will be put on my things to knit list, but I like them nonetheless.

Yes, this issue of Knitter's contains a lot I like. I give it two thumbs up. However, I have not forgotten my UFOs, my modified Rule of Three, the sock yarn stash and all the other reasons why I should not go off the deep end making plans or buying yarn to start any new projects. Better I should make what I already have.

Bona Fide Knitter

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