Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knitting Roadblock

I don't know what's the matter with me. I seem to have hit a knitting roadblock. Nothing is coming out right. SFS Sweater continues to kick my butt. The last three, maybe four, pairs of socks (that's six or eight socks in a row!) on the circular sock knitting machine have had dropped stitches. Even my last dishcloth had a couple of funky stitches. What's up with that?

As for Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater, I am seriously considering giving up on it completely. It is definitely not destined to be my favorite sweater of any season. The last problem was that I took it with me yesterday while visiting at the nursing home. I forgot how fast I knit now and with my lightening quick Knit Picks needle, the hours flew by as did the rows of knitting. I knit too far for the sheer part. When I got home I decided to unknit instead of ripping back. But before I took out rows unnecessarily, I decided to follow Sally's directions and press before measuring for the final determination. Hell and damnation! My work slid off the needle. The fabric made with Linet is so slippery that when I gently picked it up from the floor some stitches started to ladder. I got them all back on the needle, but I am not happy with the whole mess. I came this close to taking a picture to label "now you see it" and then ripping the whole thing back to a ball to label "now you don't." I decided to sleep on that decision and this morning I'm not convinced that I should start over. I have some very nice looking inches of sheer fabric. Before deciding its fate maybe I'll let it rest while I recollect my knit vibe.

The second sock of a pair I started a few days ago has some issues. Aside from the fact that each machine-cranked sock had a dropped stitch (time-consuming latching up involved), last night's second sock is a different size than the first. Was I making women's medium or women's large? What's the matter with me?!!!

Bona Fide Knitter

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Kathryn said...

I think you hold a grudge against Sally's Sweater and must be doing things on purpose to kill it. You must get back on that horse or stop this very moment. Sally herself taught me that if you hate something, you need to just give it up and not regret it.

I went for Brandon Mably's African Diamonds in the new Knitters but then you know I am only really content with lots of colors and strands on the needles...bless you Kaffe.

Time to knit..see you at MD S&W.