Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not Knitting

I have not knit in almost a week. I have staved off withdrawal by knitting socks on the circular sock machine, but it's not the same as having needles in hand, putting the tip of one into a loop on the other, wrapping yarn around the needle, pulling through, transferring the new stitch to the needle. I need the zen I reach doing that.

Will Sally's Favorite Summer Sweater ever be my favorite? My work on it is on the ottoman, the lovely sheer knitting just tossed there connected to the rest of the ball which is with the worn instructions, half in half out of a plastic bag. A knitting guru of mine has advised me to get right back on that horse that threw me. However, she tempered that advice with something she learned from Sally herself. To paraphrase the paraphrasing, if a project causes that much angst give it up, move on and don't look back.

Yesterday I spent some waiting time with only an audio book playing in my ear from my MP3 player. I was at loose ends. I found myself thinking knitting. That was not a good substitution because it interfered with the plot of the book. Today I have a nursing home visit looming. I need some mindless knitting to see me through. The TV will be on. The resident will be reading the newspaper. I'll have idle hands again. The Abundance Afghan has grown too large to be a portaproject. I need to get back to my roots--SOCKS!

I have some socks on needles, but they require thought and I need mindless knitting. I need to get my muse back. I need to get my mojo working. I need to knit!!!

Bona Fide Knitter

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Laura said...

Maybe you're not sure you'd wear the Favorite Summer Sweater once finished. Sometimes I have made myself finish things that ended up living in the closet and hardly ever being worn. You'll always find another calling for that lovely pink yarn. The Summer Sweater is a whole lot of boring garter st so not terribly exciting to work on if you are unsure about it.

How about the cover pattern from Knitter's that got you so thrilled? Rules are meant to be broken, sometimes...