Friday, May 25, 2007

Knitting Limbo

I'm in some kind of knitting limbo. The UFOs have lost their pull. Even empty needles and new projects are not calling to me. Yesterday I left home without portable knitting (socks) and didn't realize it until I was sitting in the visitor's chair at the nursing home and had finished filing my nails! This is not good.

The usual stimuli are not stimulating. The yarn for the Philosopher's Stars sweater no longer beckons, nor does the latest Knit Picks catalog.

I listened to the next three episodes of Kelley Pitkin's Knit Picks Podcast and though excited by the sock knitting theme and book review of episode #3, I did not rush immediately to (or anywhere else for that matter) to order any of the books reviewed. I must admit that I might have purchased the Favorite Socks book from Interweave Press except for the fact that someone here misplaced the bank card and after hours of looking I had to report it lost and order a new one which won't arrive until next week. I'm grounded as to Internet shopping until the new card arrives. You wonder who would do such a careless thing? It wasn't me. There are only four of us here and two are little dogs. That leaves . . . I won't put it in print. Of course shortly after I cancelled the old card and ordered the new one, I found the old one. It was stuck in with the business cards in my PDA cover. Don't ask.

Anyway, my knitting has taken a nose dive. I have a yarn pack coming from Knitter's. Maybe that's what I'm waiting for. More on that when it gets here. I am determined to finish the soy sauce socks before I go on vacation. I'd better get knitting!

Bona Fide Knitter

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