Sunday, May 27, 2007

Everything Old is New Again

In the throes of de-cluttering I came across a very old knitting magazine. The cover is torn, teeth marks abound. One corner is chewed off, another chewed into pulp. (We had a mongrel puppy named Pepe back then.) Luckily, I throw nothing away. Thus the need for massive de-cluttering around here. The magazine has some wonderful sweater patterns in it and a few sock patterns as well. In an attempt to not cut my own throat in the quest to find a copy in better condition, I will give no more information than that about the magazine until I get my hands on a replacement. Then I'll tell you all about it and include pictures. In the meantime the copy I have is complete in its directions as long as they don't run into the bottom left corner. I'm thinking of making a pair of socks from it.

I also have a folder of tear sheets, clipped and saved newspaper and magazine patterns and old pamphlets. Most of these treasures are crochet patterns. They're from the days when I wished I could knit fast enough to make something before it went out of style. I longed to knit better so I did collect some knit patterns that struck my fancy. One booklet in particular, Tiffany Glass Knits from Columbia-Minerva was a favorite of mine although the patterns were beyond my ability.

The problem I see now is that although my knitting expertise has increased and expanded and I can knit well enough and fast enough to make them, my age and body have also increased and expanded . . . Need I say more?

But aren't they cute? The longer ones (mini dresses) would make nice tunics or tops to wear with the leggings being worn today. It seems the newest young thing to do is wear a short dress as a top over jeans.

But no retro bull's eye circles, PLEASE!

Bona Fide Knitter


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing designs -- is there a year on the booklet?? Thanks, Karen

Kathryn said...

I remember that book..wish I'd knit something from it back then so I'd have it now. It probably would have been knit in Red Heart acrylic anyway.

chelle said...

Pretty. Have you ever seen the threadbared site? They pull the "best" (LOL) images from old knitting and craft catalogs. Very funny.

Fazila said...

I just got linked to this site accidently and was amazed by the awesome designs. I've searched all over to get my hands on this book but can't find it anywhere. Is there any chance at all for me to get my hands on a copy or e-mail of the patterns? Please please please!