Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Week Gone

Time flies when you're having fun whether you're having fun or not. I had no particular fun this past week and it flew by anyway. It's hard to believe it was a whole week ago that I was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Yes, at this time last Saturday morning I was parking at the wrong end of the Main Exhibition Hall. I think time flies faster the older you get and I must be at an age where it zooms by, fun or not. Next it will be moving at warp speed (which is faster than 'zoom' so I might as well make it fun while it lasts.

More about the Festival: I bought some household items, a broom and a couple of hand towels. I even took pictures of a broom maker and his wife and his brooms which were works of art. I didn't buy one of his ($50), but found something more suitable to my pocketbook ($18) by another broom maker, whose picture I didn't take.

These look like brooms for riding!

Making a weekend of it allows me time to see everything and spend time admiring the animals. What can I tell you, I love animals! One of the most attracting things I saw at my first MDS&W four years ago was a woman calling herself "The Barefoot Spinner." She was sitting at a spinning wheel with a huge angora rabbit on her lap, gently pulling off the angora and spinning it. She pedaled the wheel in her bare feet (as the name implies) and I was mesmerized. I wanted a spinning wheel and a rabbit right then and there! Never mind the fact that I don't know how to spin or take care of rabbits. I was able to contain myself. Another hobby or animal is nothing I need. But four years later I am still mesmerized by it all and still feel the pull of holding a bunny and pedaling out angora yarn in my bare feet.

She had socks on this year. It was a chilly morning.

It's hard to tell which is bunny head or tail.

There were more animals there than you could shake a stick at. Actually there were sticks being sold, lamb prods and walking sticks, but not for shaking at the animals . . . unless you were a shepherd trying to move your flock I guess.

There were alpacas, llamas, and lambs, but none can voice their displeasure better than a sheep being groomed for the show ring:


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