Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Knitting, It's About Knitting!!!

Okay, so it's not about MY knitting. It's about a couple of new (to me) patterns that have put a little knitting fire in me.

You may recall my ongoing hexapuff project, the Beekeeper's Quilt. Yes, it is "ongoing." I just took a little (spring) summer (fall) break from them. 

The pattern is from Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits, my newest favorite designer because yesterday I happened upon her Moonkoosa Boots and video. I'm thinking the woman is a forest nymph and I'm enchanted by her woodland patterns. The Moonkoosa Boots led me to her book which led me to her Wanderwillows, something I have a real use for. I can picture them in yarn colors to match a couple pairs of my shorter boots. They will be an extension of the boots. In my advanced years I'm finding I like more warmth up my legs in the NE winters, but not the bulk and weight of knee high boots.

Stephanie (I'm using her first name like we're old friends since I've made it through two of her videos which can become a little bit of a trial. If you've watched her Moonkoosa video, you get my drift.
However, I love her! Her patterns are new and different. She designs to a different drummer. The Moonkoosas are fun, but without orthodics, are not or me. The Wanderwillows are for me. I neeeeeeed them. I can leave the house in them with regular boots on my feet. They will go over the calves of my jeggings or slim leg pants like leg warmers, down into the boots and make me look young and hip.

And then there is this scarf. The pattern is Wink knitted in a Berroco yarn called Link. How cute is that! AND it's giant knitting on size 35 needles. A scarf in an hour! The pattern is on the ball band--FREE!. I decided a quick project like this would be like a shot of penicillin to cure my not-knitting-itis. I could finally get something finished. No excuses.

I need a doughnut,
Bona Fide Knitter

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