Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day

The blows keep coming. A week ago today I had to let my little girl Bichon Frise, Icecream, go to the Rainbow Bridge. She was failing. Aggressive treatment for 24 hours overnight at the veterinary hospital ICU didn't make her better. It was so hard. She would have been 17 years old in December. I'd already lost Snowball this year. I am left with their paw prints on my heart.

French Vanilla Icecream
(a Bichon Frise, not the frozen dessert)

December 21, 1996 - October 7, 2013

So, the days after were a real challenge to keep spirits up and find something else to focus on. I had already had a small seed planted by a blog I read. A new book came out on October 1 and I used all my time and energy trying to get a copy, researching, ordering everything I would need to take advantage of the book's content and generally obsessing. What is this new book you ask? It is . . . drum roll, please . . .  BAKED DOUGHNUTS for everyone.

No, it's not knitting. When the going gets tough, these days this tough girl gets cooking. Actually I find a new cooking/baking skill to get deeply involved in. For this time it's doughnuts. And because I am determined to be "fit and fine" by the monumental birthday I have coming up in November, I decided to concentrate on baked rather than fried. Following this folly might be my downfall. However, I also plan to gift and not eat most . . . err . . . many of the doughnuts I make.

So far I've amassed two doughnut cookbooks with two more arriving this week. I've purchased two pans and an electric mini donut maker. I've ordered the flours required for making the gluten-free doughnuts. They should arrive this week as well. But I have not made a doughnut yet!

Knitting? I'm working on Beach Socks 2013 . . . barely.

Back soon,
Bona Fide Knitter

P.S. to Melodye: Really soon and definitely before Thanksgiving!   ;-)

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Melodye said...

Yes, Veterans' Day is before Thanksgiving! So sorry to hear about your love and hope each day
the loss is a little easier to bear.