Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Sandwich

We're in the middle of a snow sandwich. We had the bottom slice of bread (if you will) last night into this morning. Now we are into the snow/rain/sleet filling for the sandwich. Later this morning and into the evening we've been promised the top slice of bread--snow falling at possibly three inches an hour. A cold and cripling sandwich to be sure. The schools are closed. They closed the government in Washington, DC. These are snow days of record breaking proportions for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Again the LWDs headed for the back door this morning. They did go out this time, but the snow was too high and wet for them to make the leap of faith off the step. They did wipe their paws coming back in.

Like on Sunday, we then headed for the front door instead and yellow snow was made at the first bush.

The picture from my bedroom window this morning shows the tree laden down with heavy, wet snow. One branch has broken off already.

Enough about the weather! The local TV stations have pre-empted the network shows once again for "live coverage of our winter storm"and are talking weather nonstop. Sunday it was "snowmageddon" today it's "nor'easter" or "blizzard." They talk weather ad nauseum and now I'm doing the same thing! There's weaving to do . . . after one last picture.

The view from my bedroom window just before dawn

I was out to replenish provisions yesterday. I bought milk, champagne and yarn. I have my priorities straight, don't I! And now I'm set for another day or two snowed in, weaving, knitting, having a Mimosa with breakfast.

Cozy and warm in my studio wearing Vera Bradley corduroy PJs, with a movie streamed to the TV screen and loom awaiting, all's right with my little world.

Bona Fide Knitter

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