Sunday, January 9, 2011

When the knitting gets tough . . .

. . . the tough start baking!

It's an apple cake made with just five Golden Delicious apples. I happened upon the Live Well Network (LWN) while knitting (Yes, I still knit.) and couldn't wait to try the recipe for Nonna's Homemade Italian Apple Cake, by Chef Deborah Dal Fovo. Mmm, Mmm, good with a cup of Earl Grey tea. Yummy with a dip of homemade apple butter ice cream which I made the next day.

And then as I got back to knitting, a storage box (below) caught my eye. It's a box of finished items I made back in the beginning, before I was "Bona Fide," and thought after each bind-off, "What was I thinking?!!!"

One such project (above) came from my favorite knitting book, The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. The pattern is the Knit-Round Scarf which could double as a mini skirt on a young, svelte body. However, on me it was not even comfortable as a scarf. Hot, binding, can't move my elbows from my sides. What was I thinking?

And now it is 3-2/3 balls of Noro rewound into a center pull yarn cake with a 1/3 ball on the side. The repurpose, you ask? I'm going to make an entrelac hot-water bottle cover from the book Hot-Water Bottle Covers by Chrissie Day . . sooner or later. Right now I'm on a mission--two missions: finish Volt and make the replacement Italy sock.

The hot-water bottle cover was made with three balls of Noro Silk Garden and I now have three repurposed balls of Noro regular. How providential!

Whew, I've got some knitting to do. My 2011 queue grows ever longer.

Bona Fide Knitter


Anonymous said...

Your cake is gorgeous! And I love the knitted hot water bottle cover! Where can you find hot water bottles these days? KW

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to hear from you today.

I love that entrelac piece. Just so CUTE!

Italchef said...

fHello Bona (this is an Italian woman's name, you know),

I happened upon your blog posting from January 2011 featuring my Nonna's Italian Apple Cake recipe that inspired you. Thank you for including the link and I hope you have made the cake over and over again since then. I enjoyed reading your blog even though knitting it not one of my talents, although I am a former fashion and knitwear designer (fancy that!).

I recently posted more of my cooking segments on Youtube and perhaps there is something else you might like to make... I recommend the peaches filled with amaretti for the summer season. They are delicious:

Best regards,

Deborah Dal Fovo
Italian Chef
Facebook Professional Page