Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Volt Drama Continues

Here I am about to start my first green stripe on Volt and drama rears its ugly head again. But more about that later.
It's April 1! The window wabbit takes a last look at the green yarn stash that resided there all of March. Time for some Spring colors he thinks.

After my rant about the length of time it took to get the Isager yarn for Volt from, I never mentioned the great little gift I received with it.

The little pouch is a Chico Bag.

It contains an attached, generous-size project bag. And when not in use, you just stuff the bag back into the pouch which is always inside the bag. Neat-o!

Now about that Volt shawl that might be a Volt scarf . . . Yes, it seems small to me. My gauge is a little off. Enough to go up a needle size and start over? I don't think so. I don't know what happened. It could be that I was tense and knitting tight. I'm half finished the black section and I've used half the ball of yarn. I certainly don't want to go up a needle size and run out of yarn! So far the plan is to knit on and when finished, block it into submission!

This has become quite a project! I had to reorder KnitPicks needle tips when I couldn't find the wooden ones I have, then reorder again when I decided to switch to nickel plated and couldn't find those either. And with all the snag-free stitch markers I own, I had to order more--ones without black wire so I would stop knitting them into the fabric--one bead ones for row 1 and two bead ones for row 2. Clever?

I've just ordered more in a larger size so I will stop losing them in the fabric, in my lap and on the rug.

When my knitting guru speaks, I listen. The Scarlet Knitter told me she sometimes prefers Addi lace needles for their nonglare shafts. So I have two of them on order, doncha know--one for Volt and one for Dawn (for which I already have the yarn . . . shhhh, don't tell anybody). Too bad I didn't consider going up a needle size before I ordered those Addis! The Fine Line, the pattern book by Grace Anna Farrow really hooked me hard. Now if only I can get Volt onto the optimum needles with the optimum stitch markers which make the knitting easiest . . . and the right size.

Stay tuned . . .

Bona Fide Knitter

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