Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is It Here Yet?

I hope to receive the yarn today. My whole knitting life is on hold waiting for the yarn to come to begin

I know I just ordered it on Friday and this is only Wednesday, but I want it NAAOOOWWW! ...whine...whine...

I've got the swift and the ball winder all set up. I've watched YouTube provisional cast on videos ad nauseum. I've researched i-cord in every respect, including cast off and attached.

I've got my KnitPick needle tips and cable on standby and exta Harmony ones on order. Today I will make a working copy of the pattern to keep the book pristine. I neeeeeeed the yaaaaarn naaaooowww!

The only things holding me back from a complete meltdown is I have a sock I can knit on and a timely gift that arrived Monday.

It's from my travel/shopping/knitting buddy Kathryn who knows me oh so well. Thanks gkat.

Bona Fide Knitter drinking calming, soothing herbal tea

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