Saturday, March 22, 2008


I wanted to start with a photo of forsythia in bloom, budding trees, something flowery from outside my window, but alas, there is no forsythia blooming and the budding trees are hardly visible because of the gray and gloom of this morning's weather. So here is the next best thing:

Click and drag your cursor over the page and create your own spring garden.

My mention of being off my feet and off my feed had some wondering if I were worse off than I actually am. Not to worry. It is tendonitis in my ankle. I ended up in a soft cast and have been vegetating in a chair with my foot up as much as possible for the last month. No exercise, no activity and some dental planing had me off my feed as well. What a mess I am from head to toe! Just when I was about to wallow in woe I listened to a knitting podcast where someone was reveling in the fact that she recently had a full day to knit. So how can I complain? I've had four weeks of almost every day being full days to knit.

Too much of a good thing? Yes, I fear it would have been. I broke it up with limping trips out for provisions, a few restaurant meals and lots of laptop Internet surfing and shopping--the latter not being such a good thing.

I've made three pairs of Noro socks, finished an afghan, made some discoveries about my flirty skirt (If I gain another pound sitting around, I won't fit in it if I ever finish it.), swatched for another afghan and plan on swatching for a sweater today. No it is not for the Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid jacket. I am hoping that my Guru who will guide me through the knitting of this masterpiece is not ready to begin. "Let sleeping Scarlet Knitters lie" is a good mixed metaphor for the moment. I have some prep work to do, like rewriting the directions to include every little nuance row by row. No "AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st inside the outermost 2 edge-st of the collar" for me. I need it spelled out row by row. I also need a new row counter. I have a collection of Kotcha-Kotchas, but this calls for one of those electronic marvels, the ultimate one that keeps track of multiple counts.

Since the weather outside is frightful, I will leave you with the view inside my kitchen window . . .

Bona Fide Knitter