Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is it Me?

Before I regale you with information about the circular sock machine I hinted at the other day, I want you to know how softly I'm treading with grammar here in this first attempt at blogging. I know I'm not always grammatically correct. Sometimes I'm wrong on purpose. (That should get me off the hook for all my mistakes in grammar!) However, I have this thing about me and I, or is it I and me? Anyway, I seem to be out there all by myself when I say "they invited me and my husband" as opposed to "they invited my husband and I." I am going to take a firm stand here and declare the former as being the correct way to say it and here is why: the invitors know me. My husband is invited because of me. I give myself top billing so I say "They invited me and my husband ." If you are more courteous and wouldn't put yourself first, it is correct to say, "They invited my husband and me." I can feel your shudders. "My husband and me" and not "my husband and I"? YES! Because if I am the subject in the sentence, I am "I," but if I am the object in the sentence, as in this case, I am "me." Totally confused now or just totally disagree? One way to test the theory is to take out the other person. Would you say, "They invited I"? No, you would say, "They invited me." Put my husband back in the mix and you have, "They invited my husband and me." Case closed!

Before I posted this proclamation I decided I'd better check my facts. Lo and behold I found backup at The site also saves me from any discussion of he/him, she/her and they/them with I/me and pardons me from split infinitives. Now if only I could get the punctuation thing under control!

Back to knitting . . .

Bona Fide Knitter, sometimes grammatically correct

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